Parker’s Music House is a professional quality residential based recording studio located in Western Sydney.

Producer / Engineer / Guitarist Andrew Parker is renowned for his cleverly simplistic yet compelling arrangements, inspiring guitar work, and impeccable command of sound capture and mixing.

PMH provides a wide range of services including:
•    Arranging / Production
•    Recording
•    Mixing
•    Mastering

Boasting top of the line analogue gear, converters, and digital plug-ins, Parkers Music House is set apart from most home studios by the quality of acoustic treatment in both the record and mixing rooms.

Primary Equipment:

  • Avalon 737sp Vacuum Tube Preamp / Comp / EQ
  • Avalon AD2044 Dual Opto Compressor
  • Apogee Rosetta 200 A/D D/A Converter
  • Lexicon PCM Native Reverb
  • Rode NTK, NT5, Shure SM57, SM58 Microphones

Of arguably greater importance than the recording equipment itself is not only the operator, but also the source sound and room acoustics. Both the record and mixing rooms at PMH have been professionally acoustically treated by Acoustic Vision with RPG and Acoustic Vision products.