To The Father (Release)

This energetic song is a response to the question “How do we draw closer to God?” answering with the hook line “To the Father through the Son”.

Song writing began by singing “closer and closer and closer” over and over again, with a rising melody and triplet rhythm. Ironically, the word “closer” is not in the final song. After the first draft most of the song was changed, with all effort not being wasted as a catchy verse was left behind which will someday become another song.

The chorus proclaims our longing to draw closer to God and the three verses look at how we live that out; being thankful for the great Shepherd seeking and finding the lost, following Jesus who set the example as the servant King and seeking first the Kingdom of God and his higher way.

Special thanks go to Wayne and Sarah Curran for their awesome drumming and backing vocals respectively, and to my wife Charlotte for co-writing and singing beautiful backing vocals.

download-icon-4The track is available as an audio download here, and you can download the chart and lyrics below.

S074 - To The Father (Chart) (29.3 KiB)

S074 - To The Father (Lyrics) (29.4 KiB)

2 thoughts on “To The Father (Release)”

  1. Once again an EXCELLENT song, including salvation message.
    And great backing vocals :) perfect blend.
    Thanks for being such a blessing and keep up the good work.
    From your biggest fan.

  2. Another gem Andrew Parker! Great music, great words, great vocals – it’s just , well, great! Thank you, again. More to come! Thank you for serving God with your music, your gifts, your heart. Keep ’em comin’ :-)

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