Shine (Release)

This single release of Shine is dedicated to our beautiful baby daughter Elodie. May she always shine as a light in the world.

This song proclaims our desire to live out our lives reflecting the love of Jesus Christ revealed in God’s Word – our guiding lamp and mighty weapon of faith.

This song was written during a challenging time in our lives when we turned again to the bible for guidance and direction. Instrumentation and production of the song required some extra creativity to seamlessly marry together both acoustic, electric and synth instruments.

Special thanks go to Wayne Curran for his awesome drumming and to Charlotte for co-writing and singing beautiful backing vocals. Thanks also to Dave Sinden for inspiring the synth tone.

download-icon-4The track is available as an audio download here, and you can download the chart and lyrics below.

Shine-chart (28.4 KiB)

Shine-lyrics (12.3 KiB)

9 thoughts on “Shine (Release)”

  1. Good song, nice singing, interesting. Congratulations with the newborn baby!
    Did I tell you that I bought a blue tooth Bose loudspeaker , ever so tiny, so that the music from my Ipad, your song sounds wonderful.

  2. Well done guys! Wonderful lyrics and our prayer also is that Elodie will shine brightly as a child of the light. Her every step is in his hands! x

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